Google got the world excited by introducing a ‘Night Mode’ feature in its latest Android 7.0 Nougat’s Developer Preview. This, sadly, was removed from the final release of Nougat. Google says that it was done to improve device performance.

While there are many third party apps that will give you night mode feature, it’s always better to have such nifty little features baked right into the vanilla OS. That being said, all’s not lost as it has been found that the code to enable/disable night mode still exists in Nougat’s codebase, it’s just that it has been removed from the main settings.

So how do I enable Night Mode?

You can unlock this feature by downloading a tiny app called Night Mode Enable by Mike Evans. The best part about this app is that first, you don’t need to root your phone for this to work and second, unlike other third-party apps, you can remove this app after enabling night mode and still not lose the feature.

Download Night Mode Enable For Android Nougat

Head over to the play store and install the app. Once installed, open the app and you’ll see a page asking you to enable System UI Tuner.

Once the System UI Tuner is enabled, go back to the app and now you’ll see a single button reading ‘Enable Night Mode’. Click on that and you’ll be taken to a settings menu where you can enable night mode and also do some further customization. Click on the toggle to it and voilà! You have successfully enabled Nougat’s night mode and now there will be a reddish tint on your phone.

Next is to add a shortcut on the quick settings menu to enable easy toggling of the night mode. For this, pull down the notification drawer twice to access the quick settings menu. Here you’ll see an ‘Edit’ button on the bottom right. Click on that and now under the ‘Drag to add tiles’ section, you should be able to see the ‘Night Mode’ icon. Press, drag and drop it anywhere in the quick settings menu. That’s it! You’re done!

Some users have reported that on toggling the night mode, absolutely nothing happens – neither do they see a reddish tint nor does there come a night mode icon in the ‘Drag to add tiles’ section. If you are facing the same issue then restart  your device and you should now be able to see the icon.

Why do I need this?

Studies have suggested that the blue light emitted from phones and tablets can cause issues with your sleep patterns. This blue light simulates a part of your brain that is responsible for alertness and can hence send wrong signals to the body suggesting that its still daytime. The reddish tint of this night mode will negate the harmful effects of blue light and will help you sleep better. Zzzz…

TL;DR.. This is for anyone who in the comfort of their soft bed n’ blankey like to doze off while watching cat videos, stalking their exes on social media, playing games etc. This should help you sleep a little better.