Fingerprint scanners in their early days were just that – fingerprint scanners. They had just one job and that was unlocking the phone for you and did nothing special apart from that. So once you had the phone unlocked, the scanner was a useless piece of hardware.

Google took the initiative to bring about a change in this with Android Nougat. Google Pixel phones have the ability to customise the actions the fingerprint scanner can perform on an unlocked phone. As always, the ever committed developer community left no stones unturned to get the feature on non-Pixel devices.
Enter – Fingerprint Quick Actions. This app which can run on any non-rooted Android phone running Marshmallow 6.0 or higher will instil new life into your fingerprint scanner.

Assign custom actions to gestures for your fingerprint scanner

What Can It Do?

The interface of the app is super simple and it primarily lets you define actions on two types of gestures – Single Tap and Fast Swipe. There are a number of actions that you can define for these gestures for eg. toggle notification panel, launch an app, launch a Whatsapp chat etc.

Why Do I Need It?

The app certainly increases productivity and makes it super easy to perform some repetitive tasks that you might be doing throughout your day. For eg., if you have a certain Whatsapp contact whom you chat frequently  with, you can assign a shortcut to this chat on a particular gesture. On performing that gesture, you will be taken straight to that chat window, saving you a number of clicks in the process. Another action that comes handy is the toggle notification panel action. With the phones getting bigger and bigger in size, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to pull that notification shade down with one hand without straining your wrists. Setting the toggling action on one the gestures will make this task a breeze and once you do it, there will be no going back.

What’s Next For This AWESOME App?

The app is currently still in active development and the developer is working towards adding more gestures like double tapping etc. We would like to see it have an even better integration with core Android functionalities like ‘Do Not Disturb’, toggling of wifi or flashlight etc. amongst others.